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Dec 16 2019

Autonomous Repairs Unedited…

Recently, a semi came careening down our street, which by design is not intended for commercial travel, with trees, power, cable, telephone lines and a tree-hugger in his wake. Once subdued the driver stated, “My GPS sent me this way!” Whether your onboard with it or not, unequivocally, autonomous vehicles in some form or fashion […]

Oct 01 2019

Preparing for Autonomous Repairs…

As more and more vehicles with autonomous components enter the transportation landscape, the issue of repair and maintenance for those systems become more important for trucking fleets.  Complicating this challenge is the reality that autonomous technology is still in its infancy — it is being developed and manufactured by a combination of startups, original equipment […]

Mar 21 2018

As the Engine Exhausts…

After treatment systems are unequivocally becoming the Achilles Heal for all fleets and a leading contender for high cost, load delays, and asset downtime. However there is much more to the root cause to this escalating issue. Just as the name implies, the after treatment systems are responsible for cleaning up the exhaust once it […]

Apr 26 2013

As The Wrench Turns…

It’s no secret that the mechanic shortage is as prevalent as the driver shortage, and the fleet that manages to retain its service technicians — and keep them content and productive for the long term — has a huge financial advantage. That’s because as the fleet wrenches turn, their efficiency will mirror the profitability of […]

May 16 2012

Don’t Be Fuelish!

Fuel is the number one (1) variable cost that presents the biggest challenge for leaders in the transportation industry because it’s directly impacted by the laws of supply and demand as well as ramifications from global political events. In short, it’s the most variable of variable costs. As such when the U.S. Economy picks up […]

Feb 03 2011

They’re Back…. High Fuel Prices

They’re Back…. It wasn’t too long ago that fuel prices were lingering between $3.80 and $4.40 per gallon. At that point many companies took an aggressive stance on fuel conservation. However, for most it was just a flavor of the month. Many companies joined in on the U.S. EPA “SmartWay” bandwagon which is designed to […]